Goals for a Better Future

The United Nation’s list of Sustainable Development Goals includes “17 Goals to Change our World”.
As part of our mandate, we have chosen to focus on bringing three of the most dire fundamental needs to our communities, as they are what is needed to transform lives, and fuel sustainable self-growth and development.

Water, Health, and Education.

Basic Needs for Lasting Change

We believe that focusing on these three areas enables communities to develop autonomously – in a way they see fit for themselves. Our aim is to help impoverished communities take control of their futures. We advocate for dignity, agency, and self-determination. We aren’t saviours, we’re partners.

For the communities we work in, water, health, and education represent the cornerstones of a better life. Our philosophy is simple:

Clean water sustains life.
Good health enriches life.
Education fosters hope.
When you have hope, you plan for the future.

Without Water, there can be No Health  •  Without Health, there can be No Education  •  Without Education, there is No Hope.
Each one provides the foundation for the next. The latter enhances the former. They’re all interconnected.