Stories related to our activities from community members and volunteers.

Life in Rural Mali, West Africa

Take a moment to reflect on the life you live and the society you live in. Imagine how different life would be like rural Mali. This is a story derived from the voices of local people themselves, those who live in Doneguela, Mali – a small community which HATN operates in.

Reflections from Our Trip to Mali

Travel to Mali has not been possible for the past 2 years due to threats from terrorist organizations in neighboring Libya and Nigeria.  In November a small group ventured to Mali. From the moment we left the airport it was evident the country has been hurt by the reduction in the number of aid groups.  Some things, however, haven’t changed and Malians remain the warm and giving people we remember.

Greenhouse Construction: Huge Success

Over the years, teams of Canadian volunteers have traveled to Bolivia, South America to build greenhouses for families in need. Greenhouses provide a cheap, easy source of healthy vegetables for families and improve their overall health.

Our Micronutrient Program

Many of the children we see in Mali are extremely malnourished. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies put them at great risk of developing disease or disabilities, or premature death.

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