Water and health save lives. Education builds them.

You remember that first day you went to school? All those years studying? For many, those happy years spent acquiring knowledge and skills ultimately paved the way to the life they have today.

In developing nations it’s not uncommon for children to have almost no education, for young women to be raising their own children without the basic reading and math skills every family relies on.

HATN believes education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. When kids learn to read and write they acquire the skills to move beyond subsistence toward an unlimited horizon. The dream of an education came true last year for kids in the village of Doneguela in Mali West Africa.  Enrolment in grades 1 through 3 exceeds 100 kids and our three-room school is busting at the seams.  We included latrines; a first for this village and the community participated in the cost through the construction of housing for teachers. Provision of school supplies and furniture and a contribution to teacher salaries ensured a successful outcome.

You might wonder what will become of children in grade 4 and up.  At the present time, those kids who are able will travel upward of 10 km daily on foot for later grades.  Predictably, most are not getting an education.  There are 150 kids in grade 4 to 6 ready and waiting to enroll in the next school year, providing we can provide the funding for an additional 3 rooms, supplies, furniture and salaries for 2 teachers. The local government can only provide for one teacher.

Help us expand the school in Doneguela. Help us provide an opportunity for a better life. Our anonymous donor is prepared to match your generosity.


Goal Achieved