Over the years, teams of Canadian volunteers have traveled to Bolivia, South America to build greenhouses for families in need. Greenhouses provide a cheap, easy source of healthy vegetables for families and improve their overall health.

The teams have worked alongside both community villagers and MANOS, the HATN subsidiary in Bolivia, to plant seeds and host nutrition seminars, which teach parents and children about the importance of incorporating vegetables into their diets.

Family greenhouses installed by HATN teams in Quelcata and Santa Ana are flush with broccoli, carrots, radishes, beans and tomatoes crops, despite temperatures of 0 to-3 degrees.  With the help of HATN, larger community greenhouses will follow and generate profits for community projects. They are looking for guidance on good business practices and leadership and Quelcata has taken the initiative as a community to repair the large water pump and reservoir. This is a giant step forward. Read more on Quelcata and our other partner communities here.